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We are proud to be part of your pregnancy journey. Our specialists care for both high and low risk pregnancies and have extensive  knowledge in these areas.


As a group practice, you will be offered a visit with the other two doctors in the practice during your pregnancy care. The practice provides 24hr a day, 7 day a week cover-- the on-call will be shared among the three doctors in the practice. This is to ensure that you have a doctor who is familiar with your medical history caring for you at all times throughout your pregnancy.

On your first pregnancy visit, we will discuss your plans for your pregnancy  care and perform a dating ultrasound in the rooms. Most patients decide on the hospital they would like to deliver in by about 20 weeks gestation.

Our friendly receptionists can provide you written information regarding the obstetric fee costs and the fee schedule.

Some of the conditions in pregnancy that we care for include

  • Pre-Pregnancy Optimisation

  • Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

  • Genetic Testing

  • Multiple Pregnancy

  • Gestational Diabetes and Pre-Existing Diabetes

  • Thyroid Disorders in Pregnancy

  • Pre-Eclampsia

  • Fetal Growth Restriction

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